Mayıs 2008 - INFODIF
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Mayıs 2008

Kemal Doğuş TÜRKAY -MS Student - Medical Informatics METU -

Kerem CALIŞKAN -PhD Student - Medical Informatics METU -


A Human Machine Interface (HMI) system that is capable of tracking eyes and putting augmented images/scenes following the gaze in the scene is implemented. The system works with an infrared camera connected to a frame grabber. The streaming data captured from the camera is then processed and gaze coordinates are found. This system will be fundamentally an augmented reality (AR) system and provide us the combination of real-world and computer-generated data produced via eye tracking. The computer generated objects will be placed on real world data by considering the point of gaze. Basis of this application especially tracking part can be used for many projects leading to new scenarios and innovations in the era. So the implementation will be in a modular style for further compliance.