For a more reputable and reliable enterprise, empower your video analytics, security and monitoring

Today’s security threats are more intelligent and sophisticated than as it was near past and are progressively being more dangerous. That forces the companies and institutions to use cutting edge solutions in order to ensure the safety of their people, properties and the information. Regardless of the number of managed cams, getting on 24/7 uninterrupted service is very important for these purposes. A reliable video management platform integrating multiple non-connected security apps delivers fast, reliable and detailed results. This system is a indispensable necessity to be used in every sector where security is needed.
Why Most Video Analysis Systems Fail?   I-Bex Analysis approach tackles these challenges:
Unstable Cameras All systems unified in one homogeneous user interface
Bad Environmental Conditions & Illumination changes Have a handy and functional user interface
Incompability with Existing Systems and/or Infrastructures Have unlimited scalable system architecture
Too Complex Systems Flexible system architecture suitable for almost all 3rd applications and hardwares
Poor Image Quality Situational awareness through real-time events & alarms
Analysis Problems On Real Time Videos Advanced system infrastructure for integration of multiple cameras (+100.000 cams) and of different types of sensors on a large scale security systems
False Alarms Increased effectiveness and response capabilities for detecting and tracking objects.
Advanced and detailed environmental filters
Real time and recorded video analysis